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The Olympic Bed by Sportarredo is an Level 4 tanning bed with amazing bronzing bulbs. Extra wide for a comfortable experience while you tan.

With 48 bulbs this bed will tan every inch of your body with ease and leave you as golden brown as you desire

The XS Power VHO Standup is a Level 4 tanner with the best of the best bulbs you could ask for! There are 6 fans to keep you cool while you enjoy 10 minutes of blissful tanning. Can accommodate a person well over 6 feet tall with plenty of room to turn and spin while you are tanning!

The X-Calibur Bed is our  hot, hot, bronzer bed and  one of our customers favorites, it will give you one of the beat tans you have ever achieved. Extra long with new acrylics and fresh new bulbs this is the bed for your if you are at your tanning platue!

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