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Master Sun 360


Looking for that fabulous Carolina tan with out all the needed time on the beach? Then we have just the bed for you!

With all high pressure lamps to distribute more homogeneous UV rays, an anti-claustrophic design, and 360 degrees of tanning. By reducing the UVB light the skin stays moistureized, your tan stays longer, and negative effects on the epidermis are reduced. This is 12 minutes of heaven.




The N-Joy has the best of both worlds with its high and low pressure blulbs. High pressure bulbs on the top canopy stimulate melanin production. The low pressure bulbs on the bottom promote an even tan. Open air design to achieve a fabulous tan.  


Blue Moon



The Blue Moon is the work horse here at Carolina Bronze Tan, and by far the best bronzing bed ever made! 12 minutes of deep penetrating heat leaving you the best bronzing color ever


Vega Lux

Vega Is a 10 minute stand up bed with 48 powerful bronzing lamps that give you a dark flawless tan. Great to use once a week at least for maintence on sides and tan lines.





Silver Star


The Silver Star is designed to get closer to your body if you wish. Tanning Made Fabulous equips each Silver Star with a different bulb to achieve the perfect tan for each and every person.



Holiday 32

The Holiday 32 is a standard 14 minute bed. this bed is great for a golden tone but not recommended to develop a deep bronzed tan.



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