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Spray Tanning with
Ms. Tina at TMF Tan



Hand Spray Tanning


TMF Tan offers the best hand spray tanning with Master sprayer Ms. Tina Miller!


Ms. Tina Has been spraying for 13 years and holds 2 Masters in spray tanning, DHEC, Mann UV Certified, LSR Certified, Norvell Basic and Master's Certified, Smart Tan Certified, she takes her training very seriously. With her continues education she can also contour, disappear your tan lines and enhance your God given assets.

Ms. Tina uses Norvell products because she believes they are the best and have proved to produce the best off the beach color. Bottle after bottle they are the most consistent in their product and will leave you smiling when we are done.

Weddings, Events or everyday living, I can spray for all! Just call!


Spray Tanning is truly the best instant gratification you can achieve in 30 minutes! There is nothing better than looking in the mirror and loving what is looking back at you! Everything is better when your tan!

Booking an Appointment


It is best to book early, but we can do our best to accommodate last minute sprays.

Prior to your spray tan you need to do a few thing to ensure the best spray tan possible..

Step One


48 hours prior to your spray tan Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

It is best to use a sulfate free scrub, which we have in stock.

24 hours prior to your spray tan do your final shave and shower with

Dove soap or Mary Kay Body wash

Morning of your spray tan, a quick shower, only washing necessary areas, 

and rinsing the rest with warm water.


Please avoid using bar soar, high pH products or in-shower moisturizers.


Step Two


Day of your Spray tan....


Be sure to wear loose fitting, dark cloths and no jewelry


Here are some don'ts for the day of your spray tan....


NO lotions, creams, oils, perfumes, deodorants

REMOVE your makeup prior to your arrival


If this is unavoidable because you are coming from work we do have a

product for sale that will rid your body of all barriers that will prevent

you from achieving that flawless tan.






Hand Spray Tanning Prices


All hand spray tans include PH balancing of the body prior to the spray....

Double Dark



For our Brides, I love the Clear and Clear Plus. These two colors will not rub off on you wedding dress and give you that kiss of golden color you want for your day!

                                                                                                            Price      $ 55.00

Double Dark are colors that will blend with all pigments, it is one of my favorites. It will look one color on you and be completely different on me.

                                                                                                            Price      $ 45.00


Call about our Wedding Packages and Ladies Nite Out Parties!





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