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Tina Fischer


Tanning Equipment Operator

Lotion Specialist

Spray Tan Technician

2 X Master Spray Tanner

Certified LSR Provider

Specialist in Spray tanning Athletes, Models, Pageant Girls, and everyday folks!


I just LOVE my business and my tanners. A native from Ohio, TMF has help me develope some fabulous friends here in the Conway area.

I also take my craft very seriously while having a lot of fun, so if you want the best Spray Tan in the area, stop by and see me! 

TMF Tan is my newest adventure in the tanning arena with the release of TMF Tan Carolina Bronze, tanning solution. I tan Athletes for the NPC, OCB, INBF and NANBF as well as other competition organizations. TMF is a leader in the USA with tanning, hair and makeup to all competitors.

Getting to know the competitor's I tan has been such a humbling experience. Their journey to health has not been easy for most of them and the fact that they are so open about their heart aches, bumps in the roads, and tragedy's just makes my heart explode with grace, I am so touched by each and everyone of them and want them all to win and in my book they are all winner, one way or another!

Rose Plesz
Team Leader
Make up Artist

Rose Plesz began her career in beauty as an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics in 1997.  She advanced to Ind. Sales Director in 2000 and, in addition to servicing her clients, has been training and mentoring women ever since.   Rose had a ‘natural’ eye for color and expanded into makeup artistry in 2002 after studying under various international makeup artists. Her specialties include bridal, prom, competition, runway and television makeup.  She also teaches color workshops for women who want a polished confident look.  Rose’s vision is to help every woman she serves understand how beautiful she really is! 


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